Pool Chemicals

We supply variety of swimming pool chemicals such as Chlorine Granules, TCCA Tablets, Ph Plus/ Minus, Aluminum Sulphate, Anti Algaecide and Fast acting clarifiers to help you treat and disinfect your pool.

Pool Equipment

We supply pool related items such as Circulation Pumps, Filtration Systems, White Goods (Main Drains, Inlets, Vacuum Points, Underwater Lightings – Halogen and LED), Safety Volt Transformers, In line and Offline Chlorinators, Automated Robotic Cleaners, Salt Chlorinators, Prozone Systems, Stainless Steel Ladders, Pool Tiles and lots more to cater to customer requirements..

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Coates Heaters USA has been the name to trust for quality and reliability in water heating equipment since the 1940's and continues to lead the USA Pool industry and worldwide in quality and perfomance across our entire line of swimming pool products. The pool and spa heaters are available from 24kW to 72kW and most can be ordered in three phase models.

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Enhance your pool experience with lighting by creating a back yard ambiance that is uniquely you. Modify your environment to suit your tastes and mood, creating a paradise that extends far beyong your pool. Tantalize your senses, sight, sound and touch.


Chlorine is one of the most abundant naturally occurring chemical elements. Pool Chlorine plays an active role in disinfecting pool water and with Oxychem products, your pool is sure to stay clean and sterile.

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